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Precast Boundary Wall Paneling System

Boundary walls are made in precast which is pre-stressed and are mainly of two types H-Columns and Planks boundary wall system and I-section boundary wall. Our Boundary walls are designed to resist high wind pressure than the normal concrete wall.

Ittehad Precast Wall Paneling System has been manufactured to create versatile and reasonable walling panels in Karachi, Pakistan. Precast Wall Panels are robust and flexible enabling them to be used in a wide variety of constructions. They offer a superior storage and security solution. These concrete wall panels are an ideal precast solution when speed, durability and cost are key. Significant time and cost can be saved by using pre-stressed concrete wall panels system over conventional block walls.

Advantages of Ittehad Precast Boundary Wall System
  • Durable and strong
  • Ready for instant use and installation
  • Available in tailor-made lengths and a variety of widths
  • Quick erection, even in adverse weather situations
  • Designed to save time and cost vs. blocks walls system
  • Enormously durable – manufacturing in controlled factory conditions ensures high quality
  • Precast Boundary wall is available in multiple designs and finishes
Potential uses of Precast Walls in Pakistan
  • Parking areas
  • Recycling and waste sorting areas
  • Industrial & Agricultural materials storage
  • Security and boundary walls
  • Schools & Universities Boundaries
  • Livestock Housing
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