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Ittehad Premium Quality Concrete Plain Slab

Ittehad Precast plain slabs are highly versatile elements widely used in construction, providing minimum depth, fast construction and allowing flexible column grids. Construction of flat slabs is one of the quickest methods available. Lead times are very short as this is one of the most common forms of construction.

Ittehad plain slabs are highly developed structural elements and used all over the world due to their many advantages and diverse applications. Today they are one of the most well-knownprecast elements in Karachi, Pakistan because of their technical and economic characteristics.

Advantages of Ittehad’s Precast Plain Slab System
  • Suitable for insulation & under floor heating system
  • Superior acoustic insulation and thermal properties
  • An improvement in span and loading ratio by structural screed application
  • Quick installation time
  • Cost-efficient construction solution
  • Assured quality
  • Easy project implementation is giving designers greater versatility
  • High durability and load resistance
Why choose Ittehad Plain slab suppliers
  • Finest quality of precast plain slab.
  • Provides affordable construction solutions
  • In time delivery of products with a facility of installation
  • Provides energy, time and cost saving construction services
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