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Leading Manufacturer of Precast Slabs in Pakistan

Ittehad Precast Company is proud to be a forerunner in manufacturing a widely popular system of Low-Cost Precast & prestressed concrete construction of roofs and of inter-floors etc. which has proved its economy, convenience, speedy building construction and good quality of work. We are the leadingproviderand manufacturer of pre-cast and prestressed concrete products of widest range and variety in Karachi, Pakistan.

These slabs can with-stand high loads due to the mixture of steel and concrete. The steel wires and strand are initially stressed to compress the concrete in the adjoining which make it cost-effective and resilient to high loads.

Advantages of Ittehad’s Precast Tray Slab System
  • Light weight structural system
  • Choice of column types and perimeter spandrel details
  • Most suitable for roofs having medium spans
  • Cut down labour cost as onsite work is less
  • Precast roofing solutions are economical, readily available, easily movable and reusable
  • Reduced wastage and Quality assurance as they are manufactured in our facilities under strict supervision and quality controls
  • Pre stressing of steel makes it economical and practicable especially for longer spans
  • Fast construction and early building occupancy
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