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Precast Wall Planks by Ittehad Precasting in Pakistan

When your boundary wall project calls for energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions, Ittehad’s precast wall panels are the perfect material. Robust and conventional, Ittehad Precast Wall Panel are available in a variety of design and sizes to meet your specific construction project needs of wall system. The strength, beauty, and durability that our Precast Wall Panel Systems bring to a project make them the ideal building material for warehouses, manufacturing plants, schools, retail stores, office buildings, and recreational facilities.

Ittehad Precast wall panels provide maximum design and size freedom in new construction as well as in renovations and additions to existing boundary wall facilities. Customers have been choosing Ittehad Precasting products for over 30 years and we take pride in offering innovative products that meet the changing needs of our marketplace.

  • Quick installation for reduced on-site labor needs and costs
  • Factory production to ensure product is consistent and meets all quality standards
  • Different sizes to meet exact needs
  • Low maintenance cost due to its excellent quality concrete
  • Fast erection, thus saving in time and manpower
  • Unique visual appearance
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